Gus' x-rays

Gus’ x-rays


To quote Dr. S, “It’s bad!” Both hips AND both knees. Both of the vets came in the room (Dr. O and Dr. S) and both said that they had not seen anything like it before involving both hips and both knees to this extent. These guys are not young either. Granted, they are not old, but they have been practicing for a long time. The right hip basically has no socket so it will not stay in place. The left hip is bone on bone, and the femoral head is already wearing. Ideally, Gus needs two total hip replacements, but at around $6,000 each, that is not a viable option. We may consider a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) on both hips. This procedure involves removing the femoral head (the ball) and part of the femur, which allows scar tissue to form and create a false joint. He would have decreased mobility but no pain after healing. This is usually performed on small breeds, but because Gus is athletic and not overweight, he may do well. It requires a lot of rehabilitation and the healing process is much longer than with a total hip replacement. His knee surgery would require removing some bone and inserting pins to stabilize the kneecaps. We have a few more questions for the vet before making any decisions. He is only 16 months old, but I can say he is the sweetest dog I have ever had, and I have had some good dogs. All I know is that we sure do love this little guy, and we will have to do what is best for him.


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