Not a good day for Gus

We took Gus for a walk in the woods.  He was very excited to be out and about and began running ahead a bit before turning back just to do it all over again.  We only got about 100 yards into the walk, and Gus started holding up the left leg.  After a few attempts at trotting along, he abruptly sat down but only briefly.  This happened a couple more times, and then while walking, his hind end went down with his back legs sprawled straight out behind him.  I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I could not help but think that this has to be the hips.  We immediately turned around.  While on the leash, he had to walk slowly and did okay going back.  I have thought about this all evening.  I wonder if by him taking the anti-inflammatory/pain medication, maybe he wasn’t in as much pain and that allowed him to do more than he normally would and more than he should.  It is either that or his condition is deteriorating very quickly.  It did open my eyes to what we truly are facing.  At this point, I see no other alternative than four major surgeries and sooner rather than later.  I am still haunted by the question of whether one side will be strong enough to tolerate healing on the other side.  Also, do we start with a knee or hip?  We will just wait and watch for the next few days to see how he is doing.

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2 thoughts on “Not a good day for Gus

  1. Kim. This breaks my heart for you!! I pray things will change for Gus. I know that when Hershey went down with her hips (at 12 years old) it was as you described. Her legs just went out behind her. This would happen when doing steps. She quit doing steps and eventually it happened on level ground. I could always support her and get her up and she would be fine. After a couple weeks she finally went down and could not support herself after I helped her up. She honestly seemed to not be in pain. Due to her age we decided to put her down. This is apples/oranges but I wanted to let you know I know where you are coming from. Lots of love and hugs and tears for you both!,

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