Surgery scheduled

Gus’ surgery is scheduled for Monday, March 10th. I spoke with the surgeon today, and she told me he would only stay one night even if he has the TTA also. I assumed he would have a longer stay if he did need that procedure as well as the surgery to address the patellar luxation. (See post from Jan 16th that explains these procedures).

I am getting very anxious about all of this. I am going to be completely responsible for his wellbeing when he comes home, and it scares me. I just want to be sure he doesn’t hurt himself while the bones heal.

Following the surgeon’s advice, I started Gus on Dasuquin last week, and I do believe I already see improvement, although it may just be my imagination. His appetite seems to be increasing as it did when he was taking Rimadyl. That tells me he doesn’t eat as much when he is in pain. I purchased the Dasuquin through Amazon for $72.85, and even though that seems like a lot, it is for 150 pills. After the initial 4-6 weeks of taking two pills each day, he will only take a maintenance dosage of one each day. These pills are huge! The first couple of days he wasn’t sure whether he liked them or not, and I ended up cutting them into four pieces and putting the pieces in cheese. Now he just chews them up without any problem. I am very hopeful that this will help with any pain from his hips. The reviews are all GREAT on Amazon, and the surgeon did recommend this product.

Now I just have to work on getting an area rugs to cover our slick floors. I had read somewhere to use rugs on hard floors to prevent slipping while healing. I thought that was a great suggestion. I have runners and small area rugs I can use, but I do not have a large one for the living room. The bedrooms are carpeted so I will not have to worry about them. I am just trying to get all of my ducks in a row so I will be prepared for taking care of him as best as I possibly can after the surgery. If anyone has additional suggestions, please let me know.


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