Researching surgical procedures with links to videos

I have been watching videos this evening in an attempt to learn all I can about the surgical procedure(s) Gus will need. We know he will have the patellar luxation addressed, and he may need a TTA, which the surgeon will not know until she inspects the CCL during surgery.

The first video shows the surgical correction of patella luxation. Warning: This is a graphic video of an actual surgery. It can be viewed at

The second video shows a surgeon discussing the procedure with good illustrations, and he briefly touches on complications that could arise and activity restrictions following surgery. View at

The third video is the same surgeon in the second video discussing Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA), which is the surgical repair of the CCL. View at

The fourth video is short in length (2 min 26 sec) and shows highlights from an actual TTA surgery. It may be viewed at

Now to lighten the mood by sharing a photo taken last night. Our other dog, Molly, would not move so Gus decided to sit on the arm of the couch.


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