Gus is home

Yay! Gus is home. The ride home seemed to take forever, and he had trouble getting comfortable in the truck. There was not enough room in the back seat for him and the e-collar. I finally got in the back with him and took the collar off. He tried to lick his incision once but quit as soon as I told him no. He urinated for days once he was out of the truck. Then he came in, drank water, and on the living room floor he went. He is used to being on the couch and wants to get up there so badly. We have put a chair on it so he cannot get up there. He finally settled on his memory foam bed. I am sure he is more comfortable.

We were instructed to begin doing passive range of motion exercises this afternoon. We are to do them 3 times per day for 5 minutes if he will allow. We are to apply an ice pack for 10 minutes prior to exercises.

Gus was sent home with 4 medications: Carprofen (an anti-inflammatory), Sucralfate (because he had mild reflux following surgery), Tramadol for pain, and Cephalexin (an antibiotic). The surgeon normally does not administer an antibiotic, but I had previously expressed my concern over him coming home and us having another dog with a skin infection.

We were given a very detailed printout that includes diagnosis, major exam findings, diagnostic tests, procedure, and after care instructions. We also received an itemized copy of expenses.


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