Sailing right along

The culture showed E. Coli, which was probably just from Gus licking, and the Cephalexin does cover that. His incision is doing great now. It has finally closed up so he is back to not having to wear the e-collar. YAY!

Gus is walking fine on his leg and only limps when he first stands up after being off of it for a while. Yesterday, out of the blue, he got in a playing mood and took off running like a streak of lightning. He was so quick that he had gone from room to room a couple of times before I could corner him and get him to stop. He feels better so he thinks he can do as he pleases. However, he is nowhere near that point yet. Actually, now is when we must be very careful. The vast majority of re-injuries occur between 4-8 weeks post-op because dogs are feeling better and want to be more active. With the TPLO surgery, the tibia was completely cut, rotated and then re-set with a metal plate. It takes a full 6-8 weeks to build really good callus and scar tissue that can provide additional support to the metal plate. The potential for injury is still extremely high so we must continue to be patient and not do too much too soon. I know he just wants to get back to being a dog and doing doggie things. I want him to also, and he will in time.


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