Follow-up x-rays

It has been 10 weeks since Gus had his surgery. Today he went for his follow-up x-rays. He is doing okay. We must continue to restrict activity for another month until there is complete healing. There is one area of concern though. The surgeon said either, “I think that is arthritis” or “I hope that is arthritis” when referring to the area I have circled in red in the picture below on the left. I do not remember which word she used. The arrow shows where she sutured the cruciate ligament to help stabilize it.
10 weeks post-op, side view
The second picture shows where the bone has not completely healed. I have that circled in red also.

We did have quite a scare a couple of weeks ago. I reached under Gus to get him out of the back seat of the Tahoe the way I always do. Without any warning, and in the blink of an eye, he jumped up and over my arms landing in the grass beside the driveway. His back end went down when he landed. We both just froze looking at each other. I was in complete shock, and I think he was too. He gave me a look that kind of said, “Oh no. What have I done?” He limped that evening, but he was fine the following morning. I could not stop thinking that everything could have been “undone” that quickly. It really scared me! Thankfully, he hasn’t tried that again.

That weekend he was able to go swimming, albeit on a long leash. We knew, once he reached the shore, he would take off running if he was not on a leash. I wish we had a pool so he could swim every day. Since we do not, he will have to settle for swimming when we take him to the lake.


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