More surgery needed (3 years later)

Well, I knew it was inevitable, but I had hoped it would be longer before Gus needed additional surgery. I think we have waited as long as we can though. His right hip has gotten much worse rather quickly. I am able to hear a popping noise when he walks most of the time. He is back to needing help more often getting on the bed. We made a ramp after his TTA surgery, but on his worst days he refuses to use it. He will wait until one of us lifts his bottom up so he can get on the bed. It doesn’t take much exercise at all anymore to cause limping. He is scheduled for an appointment with our local veterinarian on Tuesday of next week. The vet had previously told us he can do a FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy) in his office and that it will not require an orthopedic surgeon. I certainly hope he still will agree to do it as it will be considerably cheaper than going to a specialist. I am sure additional x-rays will be required to see how much change there has been in his hips within the past three years. I will post an update after the visit.


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