Introduction to Gus, our lovable black Lab

We all know how important it is to go to a reputable breeder when considering getting a puppy. However, last December my husband took us to see some Lab puppies. Yes, they were full-blooded. No, they were not registered. Both parents were on the premises and seemed fine. I wasn’t convinced, but then we met the biggest puppy in the litter and fell in love instantly. I ultimately left the decision up to my husband because I was NOT going to raise another puppy. The last one I had came from our local animal shelter and had been a complete headache. She was not a Labrador. She didn’t figure out that she was supposed to go potty outside ALL the time until she was over a year old. Then she only learned it because my sister’s dog came to visit and explained it all to her. I can only assume that is what happened because from that day on, she never had another accident in the house. We took her everywhere for the socialization. That didn’t help. To this day, and she is five years old, she doesn’t like other people especially children. She is a nervous wreck most of the time. Don’t get me wrong. I love her, but she can be difficult.

We named that black bundle of love Gus, aka Augustus and Gusarooni. Suddenly life was wonderful! He was so sweet and smart. I have had two Labrador Retrievers before who were great, but Gus was IT! Now here we are a year later and are facing some difficult decisions. We noticed a while back that occasionally he would limp, but it never lasted more than a few seconds. We thought that he waited on us to help him get into the bed at night just because we had done it when he was too little to get in by himself. The bed is high. He still went on long hikes and played very rough with our other dog. Little by little though, we began wondering if something was going on. Yes, occasionally it seems as though he might be having trouble getting up from a lying position. Why does he look funny when he walks? Sometimes he runs funny too, but only for a second. It seems that he doesn’t want to come back in the house through the basement anymore. Is it because of the steps? Why does he hold that left back leg up sometimes for a few seconds? Why does it only last a few seconds and then he’s fine? Did he just play too hard with Molly, our other dog? Maybe he hurt that leg when he smacked the side of the house when the two of them were playing? Finally, we decided that something just was not right and we needed answers. I dreaded the answers because as time had gone by, I had gotten to where I just knew it was not good. While waiting for his appointment to be sedated for x-rays, I did research. I decided that he probably had patellar luxation based on his symptoms. I knew we might be looking at surgery, but I also knew that the surgery was mainly done on smaller breeds. I tried not to worry. I told myself to just wait and see what the x-rays revealed. However, I dreaded the answers because as time had gone by, I had gotten to where I just knew it was not good. We got our answers.

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One thought on “About

  1. He is in for a long hard road possibly, but he can get through this. Especially with the help of his human family! We’re all pulling for you Gusarooni!

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