Incision looks better

His incision looked MUCH better this morning, but I took him for his culture anyway.  We just wait to hear back from it now.


Gus has a setback

I thought everything was going along well; however, I had noticed that it seemed Gus was limping a little more than he had been. I chalked it up to him getting more exercise. I had most certainly noticed that he was licking his leg more. This afternoon (3-25) while looking at his incision, I saw that it had split open somewhat and appeared to have puss. I emailed the surgeon the pictures below, and she wants to get a culture in the morning. So we are back to the e-collar for the night. I pray he doesn’t have the beginning of an infection. I am anxious to get him back in tomorrow to see what she has to say.



Staples are GONE!

We took Gus to have his staples removed today. Yay! No more e-collar! We were told he was healing well. We start with 10-15 minute daily leash walks now and increase by 5 minutes each week. He will go back in 4 weeks for a follow-up visit and then have an x-ray at 12 weeks post-op.

I am so proud of him. He has been such a trooper through all of this. We will just continue to take it day by day.

Day four post-op

I am very happy to report that Gus pooped yesterday evening for the first time since the surgery. He has had two more bowel movements since.

He is beginning to put his leg down a little. Granted, he is not putting weight on it, but he isn’t expected to so soon. He was taking 1 ½ pain pills, and today I cut him back to 1, and he seems fine. I will probably cut him back to just a half day after tomorrow if he is doing okay. It is getting harder to keep him calm. He is getting bored and wants to do more than he should. We made the mistake of taking him to town with us today (about 6 miles round trip). We have a harness to lift him into the vehicle, and that went smoothly. I assumed that would be the hard part. Little did I know he would act as he always does when going for a ride. He wanted to stand in the seat instead of sitting. He was moving around entirely too much! It will be quite a while before I try that again. As I have said before, this will be a long road…for both of us.

He spends part of his day on his dog bed looking out the front door daydreaming. I was able to get some good pics of him today.

Watching life go by while stuck in the house

Watching life go by while stuck in the house

Daydreaming of days spent chasing squirrels

Daydreaming of days spent chasing squirrels

Days 3 and 4 post-op

day 3 and 4 post-op

Day two post-op

Today has been quiet. Gus spends him time sleeping, being spoiled, or just chillin’. He has not had a bowel movement yet, but that is normal. I sure will be glad when he does though. He ate heartily yesterday. Today he didn’t finish his food this morning or this evening. I am adding canned food to his dry food. He doesn’t seem to mind his passive motion exercises at all. He has great flexibility in that leg. We just have to be sure he retains that with him not walking on that leg right now.

Day one post-op

Day one post-op

Day two post-op

Day two post-op

Gus is home

Yay! Gus is home. The ride home seemed to take forever, and he had trouble getting comfortable in the truck. There was not enough room in the back seat for him and the e-collar. I finally got in the back with him and took the collar off. He tried to lick his incision once but quit as soon as I told him no. He urinated for days once he was out of the truck. Then he came in, drank water, and on the living room floor he went. He is used to being on the couch and wants to get up there so badly. We have put a chair on it so he cannot get up there. He finally settled on his memory foam bed. I am sure he is more comfortable.

We were instructed to begin doing passive range of motion exercises this afternoon. We are to do them 3 times per day for 5 minutes if he will allow. We are to apply an ice pack for 10 minutes prior to exercises.

Gus was sent home with 4 medications: Carprofen (an anti-inflammatory), Sucralfate (because he had mild reflux following surgery), Tramadol for pain, and Cephalexin (an antibiotic). The surgeon normally does not administer an antibiotic, but I had previously expressed my concern over him coming home and us having another dog with a skin infection.

We were given a very detailed printout that includes diagnosis, major exam findings, diagnostic tests, procedure, and after care instructions. We also received an itemized copy of expenses.

Out of surgery

Gus is out of surgery. There was a partial CCL tear. In addition to deepening the trochlear groove to address the luxation of the patella , the surgeon did a Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) instead of the Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA). She had to do this procedure because there was too much of an angle present in the tibial plateau. Below is an illustration showing how the bone is cut and a more natural tibial plateau of around 7 degrees is achieved. It also shows the plate that is attached.
We are to pick him up in the morning. Then the fun really begins for us. Yes, that was very sarcastic. I just have to remember this will be difficult for Gus also. We will all be required to have patience during the long healing process.